Our History

Passage to Purpose, Inc. was organized in June of 2018, under Nebraska State law to provide supportive services to the general public in the form of awareness, counseling, and financial assistance that provides affordable housing or social welfare.

Our Vision is to improve the quality of life for all. All of our operations are dependent on our Team LIVE volunteers, contractors, donors, and event sponsors. If you share the same goals as our organization, feel free to help.

Passage to Purpose today is operated by the founder Shanelle Williams (a native of Omaha, NE) and her 3 children. For families like William’s, their communities can be a place that lacks compassion, filled with violence, jobs without benefits, and the reality of never making a living wage.

A natural-born problem solver, Shanelle wanted to create an option for families like hers to be accepted and have access to supportive services. At the same time, Shanelle has fulfilled a childhood dream of becoming a philanthropist and helping clients personally and directly by helping with cash assistance in exchange for completing surveys and entrepreneurship training. We also have a very successful online thrift store called “Hidden Treasures“.